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Welcome to
Coffee News© Kitsap!

Welcome to
Coffee News© Kitsap!

Fun reading, serious advertising, BIG RESULTS!

Coffee News® is the most widely distributed restaurant publication in the world and has been hugely successful in helping small and medium-sized businesses nationwide create a strong presence in their community for over 30 years. We offer affordable print advertising throughout our local community to help grow your business.

We are sure you have seen this “good news” publication all over our local area. Eager readers in our local communities are well served by our fun, weekly publication.
Established in Canada in 1988, Coffee News® enjoys a long history, good reputation and niche market and is ranked in the top 500 franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine.
Fresh weekly issues of Coffee News® can now be found in locations throughout the  area. We’re very proud to bring this free, weekly publication to local restaurants, coffee shops, hair salons, professional offices, community buildings and other local businesses where people have a few minutes to read good news and fun features while waiting. Our goal is to be “everywhere” within the community to maximize enjoyment for our readers and exposure for our local advertisers.

Everything in Coffee News® is positive and entertaining, including unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, and horoscopes. Be sure to look for the What’s Happening section, which is dedicated to listing local events taking place throughout our community.
It’s amazing and sustained growth can be attributed to its popular content, accessible distribution, unique design and format which generates BIG RESULTS for the small and medium sized businesses who choose to advertise in Coffee News© Kitsap.

Here’s what one advertiser had to say:

“Coffee News has played a huge part in making Knight Homecare a successful business.  It has allowed me to advertise for extended periods of time in our community without having to worry about my advertising needs.  Coffee News advertising is easy, affordable and well worth it!”

Best Regards, Tayler Knight Knight Homecare

Learn more about Coffee News®, its popular appeal and what it can do for your business! Be a part of Coffee News® and grow your business! We publish throughout Pierce, Kitsap & Poulsbo, Washington!